What is the grading policy? 

- A Grades

  • Perfect or nearly perfect quality
  • Slight scratches or imperfections on metal plating, not visible at arm’s length 

- A- Grades (1-2 of the following flaws)

  • Same types of flaws as the B grade, but not visible at an arm's length 

- B Grades (1-2 of the following flaws)

  • Noticeable scratches on enamel/plating
  • Small imperfection in enamel 
  • Dust trapped in enamel
  • Slightly over/under filled enamel 
- C Grades
  • 3+ B Grade errors 
  • incorrect colors
  • heavy under/over filled enamel 
  • missing enamel 

- Standards 

  • used when the entire batch of pins has a majority of flawed units 
  • Standards are those pins that have minimal/most repetitive or common flaw of the batch of pins

- Seconds 

  • Has a more severe example of the standard flaw and/or 2-3 more noticeable flaws

 **grading standards DO NOT apply to the backside of any pin**

***Please remember that colors may look different in person than on camera or in digital art designs. Additionally, these are handmade items, and so imperfections are unavoidable, and colors may vary slightly from batch to batch, but we always strive for them to be as flawless and consistent as possible.***

What are your preorder policies?

- Open preorders have no limit on the number of pins you can order
- Preorders are final purchases, no refunds or cancelations will be allowed
- Please wait to trade or sell your preorders until you have them in hand
- Preorders will be given priority for A grades
- If you buy any in hand stock with your preorder, the whole order will be sent out together once the preorders come in

What are your resale or trading policies?

- You are free to sell and trade our pins as you see fit, as long as you have them in hand. If you do not yet have the actual pin in your possession, please do not sell or trade it. 

- Our only request is that, if we do a pin for charity, that you not sell it for more than the original drop price + shipping + shipping.